Mark Gleadhall, MPhil., Bsc., co-founder of Martina’s Garden Stile

About Us

We founded the business in 1996 (under the name ‘Martina’s Garden Stile’) out of a love of plants and gardening. It builds on the respective skills of the founders, namely horticulture and engineering. We aim to create gardens that are simply better - in all respects -  than anything available elsewhere. This remains our ethos today, as we strive to build ever better gardens.

A Passion Shared

We love to build gardens for people who love gardens. For those who enjoy working with plants, we can provide a constructional backbone that can be ‘fleshed-out’ by the clients themselves with new planting in the months and years that follow. The ‘backbone’ could include, for example, paving, walls, buildings, water-features, lighting, drainage, turf, trees, raised beds and - more often than not -  deep, rich, new topsoil.
For those less confident with plants or less interested in such hands-on participation we will, of course, very happily take the garden through to completion, complete with planting.

A Passion Sustained

We have always placed strong emphasis on both creative design and sound engineering. Sustainability, a word that features prominently in so many places at present, is something we do our best to integrate into our designs, particularly in respect of rainwater. Whenever possible we retain and utilize all the rainwater falling on a plot, especially when constructing driveways and other large expanses of paving. We have experience in the installation of household rainwater harvesting systems as well as in the creation of ‘rain gardens’ to make use of freely supplied rainwater.

A Passion for Solutions
All too often the need for off-the-road parking seems to mean a choice between aesthetics and functionality or between greenery and block-paving. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Many of the projects we undertake relate to front gardens and, in particular, to the provision of off-the-road parking. Needing to get the family’s cars off the road can be the impetus to finally getting to grips with the front garden. We can make it not just useful, but also an attractive and welcoming public presentation of your home.